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Hi-Bid.com is a unique, highly specialized, and focused web site. Its primary purpose is to help car buyers and sellers get an accurate, up-to-the-minute “true market value” value for Classic, Exotic and Specialty cars. It turned out however that this information is incredibly useful to almost anyone involved in the collector car market. Insurance companies, auction companies, finance companies and many related business subscribe to this resource.

By making this web site highly informative and super-easy to navigate, in combination with simple-search technology for the massive database, we have created an invaluable resource for our visitors to use time and time again.

To further focus our audience, and better serve the needs of our advertisers, we purposely put little on the site of interest to kids, you'll find no 'chat rooms', 'glossy photo galleries' or things of that sort. We attract people who are seriously involved with Classic and Specialty cars almost exclusively - by advertising on the site, you will be introduced to these visitors on a regular basis!

It's a fact that Web sites which center on a very narrow theme or idea create visitors of greater interest, and moreover 'leads' that are much more pre-qualified and apt to buy.

Consider this: When you narrow down your message and focus on a niche, visitors who see your advertisement and respond will already be 50% sold the minute they hit your site's first page! They want what you are selling, that's why they are there! Then, it is up to your web site's content to take them through the remaining 50% and close the sale.

Niche marketing on the Web is particularly important these days since people typically don't take the time to sift through an entire site, (let alone pages of search engine results) to find exactly what they are looking for. However, once they find a site that appears to have the information they seek, these visitors are inclined to surf deeper than the first page, and therefore will likely see your advert more often - increasing the chance of a sale!


Launched in the Spring of 2003, the Hi-Bid.com web site is making huge waves in the industry; the response has been nothing short of overwhelming. Most people in the trade agree that a site with this kind of information is long overdue. Marketed heavily in over seventy countries around the world, including Canada, and of course the United States. We focus our marketing efforts on major Collector Car auction events coast to coast as well as key International, Classic and Specialty car events like the 'Paris Retromobile' Show, 'Techno Classica' in Essen, Germany, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, 'Laguna Seca Historics' and 'Pebble Beach' of California to name a few. If you are new to Internet advertising and think you would like to try our site, we suggest you begin by clicking here. It explains the difference 'Hits', 'Page Views' and 'Unique Visitors'. This is important information, which you need to know.

Experienced marketers can use our flexible banner advertising & promotional programs to build awareness, promote products & services, generate inquiries and quickly drive traffic to their web sites. Buyer Services International LLC takes an up front approach to advertising and we're not afraid to publish our prices on the Web. Our ad programs are supported by a custom ad management system which enables us to guarantee results. We can also provide you with on-line, real-time, password protected stats, which our advertisers can access 24 hours a day! No guesswork or hassles, just honest banner impressions at an affordable price!

Like you, we are a business, and we understand all too well your need to get the "biggest bang for your advertising buck"! What we propose is that you just try our site. Start with our smallest campaign of monthly banner impressions. This means your advertising banner will be randomly selected from a folder on our server and displayed at the top of EVERY page of the site infinite times, for one month. The cost is just $200 and that includes our Graphics department designing and creating your first banner FREE! That's a $100 value!

Once your banner is up on the site, we will issue you a User/ID and password, that when entered as instructed, will allow you at ANYTIME to see how many people have seen your banner on our site, and of those, how many have been delivered to 'YOUR BUSINESS' as result of your advertising! There is no guess work; you will know EXACTLY how effective your advertising dollars have been spent. Our site is currently visited by over 10,000 people every week! That's 10,000+ Classic & Specialty car buyers EVERY WEEK! To put it another way, one new person visits our site every minute of every hour all day and night, day in day out. There's NO WASTE, as we only attract people interested in buying these types of cars, each is a potential customer for you!"

General 'Impression' Banners:
For general 'Name Recognition' choose this Monthly account option. These banners rotate randomly throughout the www.BuyClassicCars.com web site, with each query performed. If a visitor 'clicks' on your banner, they will of course be redirected to your site.

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  • Buyer Services International reserves the right to refuse any banner we deem inappropriate or contrary to our corporate mission.

Advertising Rates -- US Dollars: All rates are net and subject to change without notice.

Payment Options:

Buyer Services International accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Checks, and Money Orders. Payment is to be in (US) Dollars and is required before any banner will be displayed. All you need do to begin advertising on Hi-Bid.com, is fill out this simple and secure Advertising Insertion Order Form, or download the printable version and fax it to us at (860) 423-6260.